#SecurityAlert – Man Stealing Women Underwear: What If This Happens To You?

Why Guys Steal Women Underwear, Lingerie?
Why Guys Steal Women Underwear, Lingerie?

In reference to the recent incident happened in Maharani Women’s college in Bengaluru, it’s time for us to put a little thought in this weird and dangerous situation. Bangalore is a city where many women stay in hostels and PGs for their works or studies. Taking an advantage of this, the perverts out there always spot them as their prey. Many these women face scary and embarrassing situations daily. From incidents like not too dangerous flirts to horrible cruel rapes, women here are becoming victims every day. Speaking about men’s panty fetish, we always wonder what excites a man to do this.

Why Men Steal Women Panties?

The reason for this varies based on different individuals. Since panty is an item that holds all the scents that make a woman, a woman. So, men find it as a great turn on. It’s like feeling a woman without her knowing. Some men buy women lingerie to achieve this heightened feeling while some others steal it. These panty thieves take the advantage of the period when women leave their underwear for drying after the laundry. Some people think this as normal, but just imagine what these obsessed guys will do once they develop a strong sexual desire for you.

What If a Man Starts to Steal Your Underwear or Lingerie?

We have already discussed the possible reasons why a man enjoys stealing women’s underwear. Now the next step, what if this happens to you? Have you ever faced such a situation? If yes, what you did after that? I know most of these victims ignore the situations by considering it silly. But when you refuse to report to this kind of incidents, you are letting them become notorious criminals in future.

Here are some security alerts you need to consider when something like this happens to you:

You Are in His Fantasies

If anyone has stolen your panties (also you believe it’s a guy) then you need to accept the fact that he is fantasizing about you and it’s an act of lust, not love.

Panty Fetish
Panty Fetish

From Where You Lost It

From where he stole your underwear? Is it from balcony, terrace or from your room? What are the possible areas of your house, others can access? This will give you an idea about how secure you are in your own residence and think about the possible worst situation that could happen if you let this continue.

Panty Fetish - Stealing Women Underwear
Panty Fetish – Stealing Women Underwear

If You Doubt Someone

This is the most important part. If you have doubt on someone like your neighbor, boyfriend, relatives or any stranger, the next step is to observe his behavior. You need to analyze his activities when he comes near you and you will get some clue. If you don’t doubt anyone, just be aware and observe the people around you and think of a person whom you feel can do this.

Never Ask Directly

Asking the person directly is not advisable because you can’t expect him to confess the truth at the very moment. And what if he is not the right person? You will end up embarrassing him and sometimes even worst, you’ll end up losing your social respect. If you are married, inform your husband so that he could be more alert and keep an eye on men coming to the house.  

Prevention is Better Than Cure

Yes, this one is the better solution. Never let something like this happen again. You shall find out a more secure place to keep your panties so that it is not visible to public eyes. Don’t worry about the lost one, also never use panty again if you get some back.

To some extend this panty fetish is normal because it not directly harming you. But you can’t forget the fact that somewhere out there, an obsessed guy is visualizing you in his wet dreams. If you don’t want this to happen, play safe keep your undergarment away from public eyes.

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Techie by profession blogger by hobby, founder of Girlopedia.

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