Things Which You Must Avoid When You are Expecting a Child

Things which you must avoid when you are expecting a child
Things which you must avoid when you are expecting a child

Congratulations are in order when you break the good news to your friends and family. Many well-wishers will give you a lot of advice, useful and not-so-useful information to tackle the side effects, reactions and emotions of pregnancy. For the expecting mother though, it is a tough decision regarding what she should opt for and what not, what practices to follow and which foods to take. So here is a one-step guide to all the things that you must AVOID during pregnancy which you ensure are off your list.

Don’t Stress

Stress harms the developing embryo in a lot of ways that include birth defects, pre-term birth and low birth weight. It also causes the woman in question a lot of problems like constipation, insomnia and back pain that are not welcome during pregnancy.

Over The Counter Drugs

Please consult with your doctor before taking the smallest of pills like aspirin, heavy doses of paracetamol etc. or OTC drugs. They may unknowingly be potentially harmful to your baby, so get consultation.

Avoid Taking Vit A Supplements

This vitamin is abundant in our food sources and need not be supplemented as large doses can lead to birth defects and miscarriage.

Moderate or Avoid Caffeine Intake

Colas, coffees and energy drinks need to be intelligently consumed (avoid them if you can) as they hamper the brain development of the unborn baby and has addictive properties.

Tobacco Smoke

Inhaling tobacco smoke any way will cause irreparable damage to the developing foetus’ brain and heart. When the mother smokes, the baby gets less oxygen causing it to grow slowly and gain less weight leading to preterm labour and pregnancy complications.

Stay Away From Your Cat’s Litter Box

In the rare case that your cat is a carrier of toxoplasmosis, which causes birth defects in children, you need to have someone who changes and empties the litter box with gloves and wash their hands afterwards. Not every cat shows symptoms of the disease.

Beware of Pesticides And Lead-Containing Paint

Read the labels of the paint that you wish to use for your home while you are pregnant as it may contain lead and emit toxic fumes that harm the rapidly growing nervous system of the unborn baby. Fruits and vegetables that have not been washed properly may contain traces of pesticides that can have the same effect. Switch to organic produce if possible and use natural floor cleansers and detergents that don’t emit fumes.

Uncooked and Contaminated Meats

Eating undercooked, raw or contaminated meats while pregnant can have devastating effects on the memory, IQ and mental health of the unborn baby, as the meats may contain industrial pollutants if procured from water and bacterial infestations if contaminated or improperly stored.


Avoid alcohol at all costs, you don’t want your baby having a drink through your placenta that is far too strong for its body and have adverse mental and physical defects as a result.

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