Things That Make Woman More Attractive (Other Than Appearance)

Things that make a woman attractive
Things that make a woman attractive

Traits in a woman are quickly noticed – and honestly, that has nothing to do with beauty (happens more often than you know of girls!). Her personality, attitude, body language and the right mixture of maturity & modesty make a girl spot-on.

And that’s it. There you’re, not only for men, but women are intimidated by you too. You know why? Because that slightly differentiable quality in you makes you win any challenges using the charm you’re gifted with. Or, sometimes situations help you train! But there are only a few who, understand true beauty right from the inside. My shout out for those who think looks matter the most – here’s changing your opinion with the abundances women are being created with.

Here are some traits that make a woman hard to resist, and no we are not talking about appearance:

Confidence is THE KEY

A person is immediately judged by the way she expresses her ideologies. Remember first impressions matter. Largely. An assessment could be formed within seconds and if you succeed giving out the right vibes with a right amount of confidence, there’s no stopping you. So when entering into a meeting room for a big business, or to influence a client, or even more casual – walking into a first date, be sure to dazzle the world with the pinch of confidence in such a way that they feel comfortable around you – ready to be hypnotized by whatever you’re going to say next.

A Fair Amount of Sense of Humor

In this case, the manoeuvre here is that you don’t have to pretend something that you are not. A beautiful woman with an ample of sense of humor can kill men because guess what, she is not a typical woman who only is aligned to talk about beauty, fairness, and chores. No! She is more than that and this particular trait is kind of hard to not notice. A woman who exudes, cheers a party up and takes care of the fun element is surely refreshing for a man.

Tips: Studies say that women fall for men who keep them happy, comfort them with humor. The same theory goes for men too. There’s no faking in any sense so laugh out loud.

Intelligence Is Power

No men like to be outsmarted but when they come closer to a woman who is equivalently smart and witty, that’s the affection never goes off the circle. What makes a woman ingenious?  The way she speaks, the way she carries herself, the way she never acclaims or interacts with others without knowing the facts, the way she knows her stuff, speaks when needs to, keeps the right friends closer, and when she is around, nothing, I REPEAT, nothing can go wrong. This doesn’t mean women have to steal a march on, but with your keen sharpness, you’re inevitable.

Be Passionate

There’s no bigger failure for a woman (no matter how beautiful she is) if she doesn’t possess any passion in life. People around you in general look for genuinely, passion that you follow up and how badly you’re involved with it. This is one thing in a woman that is infectious and can clean-bold any person. Whether you’re passionate about art or the things and people you love — show that you dream, you inspire, and the key things that drive you to become better selves. What’s even sexier is woman passionately talking about the ambitions that she wouldn’t let go off until dawn. But only talking could be unheard till you turn those things into reality.

Generosity and Kindness

Like it or not, if a woman is a selfless deed, men would never let her go off the site. Knowing that she is humble and cares for the surrounding, she believes in making a difference in the lives – is one thing that drives them toward you. Seeing you don the hat of a determined, definite personality, they will adore your strength and independence. Nothing is more empowering for a man than being affectionate to a woman who survives and helps other survive.

So next time if you dress up to kill, make sure to mushroom the ultimate traits in you that could enable the license for you to go from Good to Wow!

Written by Girlopedia Staff

Techie by profession blogger by hobby, founder of Girlopedia.

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