Introvert Girl? 10 Things Only Introverts Can Relate To

Introvert Girl? 10 Things Only Introverts Can Relate To
Introvert Girl? 10 Things Only Introverts Can Relate To

Are you an introvert? Does social gatherings and parties annoy you? Don’t worry, you are not alone. There are introverts everywhere, but they easy become invisible from the crowd. It’s not like that they hate people, but they are not fond of the short talk, a conversation that has nothing in deep bores them. They feel uncomfortable around people, especially with new people because they may get anxious to make the other person comfortable. If you are constantly struggling with these feelings, here are some points probably you can relate to:

Surprise Party? How Dare You?

Needless to say, if you even hate pre-planned parties there is no way you are going to love a surprise party. Any type of gatherings that includes a large crowd is a total nightmare for you. Eating in front of people, participating in fun games, everything seems awkward to you. In most cases, you’ll find a friend and stick around them all the time or seek the help of your phone to excuse yourself from the people. You love to be around the people you know, which include your close friends and family.

Hate Phone Calls & Messages

Whatever the form is, you always keep your conversations to the minimum. Sending or receiving messages gives you the fear of getting bored or making the other person bored. Your phone calls mostly deal with long silences or you’ll always end up repeating the things you have already said.

Your Friends & Family Doesn’t Get It

Trying to explain how you feel to everyone is the most stressful and frustrating thing for you. Even if you started the task of explaining, in the halfway you will definitely wonder why you started it. Because the people who were listening will never get it and you need to listen to their lecture for the next couple of hours.

‘Truth or Dare’ Is the Worst Game Ever

Sometimes your truth can be brutally honest and will end up hurting people so you always stay neutral, which is not applicable to the game. Also in the case of dare, even the normal things people do is quiet daring to you, you are not up for an additional embarrassment.

What’s The Deal With Social Media Posts & Status

You wonder why people are displaying their life in a public platform. For you, the places you go, the foods you eat, your new haircut, etc. are private things. You believe showcasing those details on social medias is not going to make a difference. Also, you don’t have that selfie sickness, you can’t even decide among your selfies, because you hate them all.

People Mistake You as Rude

Since you always disappear from the crowd, people misinterpret you as a rude and stubborn person.  Your general avoidance and silence are seen as your arrogance (even if it’s not) by most people, which keeps them away from you. You also hate when people talk loud or quickly because you find it hard to think when you are with them.

Bargaining & Complaining are Not Your Forte

You mostly avoid the situations of bargaining and complaining. You are a person who never shouts at the chef in a restaurant for the tasteless food and prefer online shopping to avoid the possibility of bargaining.

Dating Turns Like a Torture

It’s not a strange thing for you fall in love, but being in a relationship is like a mild torture for you in many times. You get nervous when your bae wants you to come to a celebration or gathering. You always find it difficult when he introduce you to his friends and family, where the handshakes and hugs come into action and all you want is to return your home.

Your Home Is Your Best Place

When most people make weekend plans, you are the one who cancels all of them or finds excuses, to just to stay at home. For you, a perfect holiday means, being at your home, watching the favorite TV show/movie with some pies. You get annoyed when somebody ruins this plan by a surprise visit.

Your Energizer Buddy

You secretly wish to be an extrovert. You exude the confidence exhibited by these fellows. As a result, every introvert has an extrovert friend, who is his/her energizer buddy. With them, you will always cross your hard limits.

Being an introvert is not a curse, you are a person who loves close relationship and wish for a fierce independence simultaneously. Keeping a balance between the two is not always easy, only an introvert will understand.

Written by Girlopedia Staff

Techie by profession blogger by hobby, founder of Girlopedia.

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