Am I Pregnant? These Are Symptoms of Being Pregnant

Am I Pregnant? These Are Symptoms of Being Pregnant
Am I Pregnant? These Are Symptoms of Being Pregnant

While having a normal day, you suddenly remember the last time you had your period and you begin counting down till date and realize its been a while, a longer time in between than usual…. You then put two and two together and realize that maybe its time for a pregnancy test that can ascertain the news and yes! You have tested positive for pregnancy! What a joy! There are a lot more tell-tale signs when you get pregnant. I’m listing down some:

Missed Period

The most obvious of the lot: a missed period which you might notice two months later but will encourage you to get that pregnancy testing kit home to qualify the good news. Since this can also be caused by a lot of stress or irregular diet and schedule, it is best backed up by a test.

Soreness In The Breasts

Your breasts tend to swell up and become tender preparing themselves for breastfeeding much in advance from the moment of conception. This is mainly happening due to the hormonal changes in the body. You might also sense a tingling feeling and darkening and widening of the areolas (the dark spheres on the breasts).

Frequent Urination

As the uterus prepares itself to hold the baby safely, it expands and presses on the bladder which make you feel like you want to pass urine practically every hour or even more frequently. Since the intestines also feel the pressure, you may suffer constipation as well.

Spotting OR a Light Period

Some women may experience a very light period as the embryo implants itself on the wall of the uterus. So you may have a period and yet be carrying your baby angel inside.

Extensive Dreaming, Mood Swings, Smell Sensitivity

Thanks to your surging hormones, you tend to dream vividly, have more than occasional emotional mood swings and outbursts, and get sensitive to a range of smells- be it the vegetables, garlic, onions, toothpastes, medicines, leather etc.

Elevated Basal Body Temperature

When you ovulate the body observes a dip in temperature, and in case you conceive, the body gets into overdrive in preparation that causes the basal temperature to increase by a degree or two for a few months.

Food Cravings and Unusual Hunger

The body is working hard to incubate the baby inside and nourish it well for which it needs an average of 300 calories extra each day. Expecting mothers often feel hungry all day or crave for food that they would not normally eat or touch even!


The body puts in a lot of effort during pregnancy, so it is normal and often an early sign of pregnancy when you feel fatigued without doing much. After week 12, this phase will pass when the placenta is formed properly.

Feeling Faint, Dizzy or Nauseous

Raging hormones cause this condition and can last unto 3 months of pregnancy. Morning sickness is a nausea that almost 80% women experience during pregnancy.

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