Types of Panties that Women Love, Top Women Underwear Types For You

Top 5 high selling panty types in India
Top 5 high selling panty types in India

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Women Underwear or Women Panties are available in many types. When it comes to women underwear, women do a great research while selecting bras. But unfortunately, most of them pick their panties just based on size and color. They forget that these undergarments commonly known as lingerie are also an essential part of their day-to-day life and must be bought with such a great care.

Most women don’t even know the varieties of choices they have when it comes to panties. Women used to wear panties just because they have been wearing it all the time since childhood. But nowadays women are more conscious about what they wear and they even take extra efforts in choosing each and every piece of cloth they wear. If you are planning to be one such woman, then the lingerie fashion world has a lot to show you. They have the different type of panties based on different clothing choices and special occasions.

Ultimate Lingerie Guide

And apart from the functionality and comfort, you never know what this little piece of cloth does to one’s imagination. The styles and varieties available in the market now a day will definitely make your partner go WOW…

So, ready to revamp your lingerie collection? Then check out the list of the top selling and high in demand panty types in India

Different Types of Panties – High Selling, Top Panty Types in India


Bikinis are the types of panties which are very popular among women. Made for girls who love to flaunt their bikini perfect body during summer. Bikinis are also perfect wear at the beaches or during summer holidays. Bikinis usually cover the front and back area of the woman’s groin area and the sides are kept narrower. They come in super-sleek and sexy designs such as string bikini sides are supported by strings and they look extremely sexy on women. Bikinis are a part of swimwear and are commonly purchased along with bra.

When it comes to sexy women underwear in India, bikinis are the most preferred ones.  These panties are cut like the swimwear bikini suit, which is very flattering. The waistline of these panties lies way below the navel. Despite being revealing, the bikini panties offer enough support and is a perfect choice on the beach.

Bikini Panties Price

There are many manufacturers in India that specializes in bikini manufacturing such as enamor and Pretty Secrets. Price starts from 300 Rs. and can go up to 5000/- Rs per piece.

Panty Type - Bikini
Panty Type – Bikini

Boy Shorts

Boy shorts are popular among women due to its assured comfort and sexy look. Many men like their women in boy shorts. Boy shorts are simple and come with many patterns and designs. Boy shorts are also ideal for outdoor activities. One of the popular boy shorts brand is Jockey. Jockey is an international brand and has been in women inner wear manufacturing for ages, it guarantees the quality.

These are similar to gent’s underwear. Boys shorts cover the entire buttocks, inner thighs and some are even extended up to upper thighs.  This can be worn during the workout & dance sessions and sometimes during outdoor activities.

Boy Shorts Panties Price

They are available both offline in shops and online stores and their price range is 300/- Rs. onward.

Panty Type - Boy Shorts
Panty Type – Boy Shorts


Briefs are high-waist panties that almost cover your navel.  This one is a perfect choice when you want to tuck that tummy inside.  Briefs are mostly preferred with body con dresses where it acts as a shape-wear. This works great for those women who are in their post pregnancy period.  Depending upon the cut, there are many varieties of briefs like control briefs, classic briefs, high-cut briefs etc.

Briefs have been listed third among popular panty type. Briefs are used by many middle-aged and elder women. They cover maximum front and back areas of a woman’s private part. They can be conservative or can come with French cut or high cut. This panty extends maximum support.

Boy Shorts Panties Price

They cost around 300/- Rs. online.

Panty Type - Brief
Panty Type – Brief


These are one among the most popular panty styles and perhaps the one you have been wearing all your life. Hipsters are super comfy and have the waistband around the hip. These panties usually provide good coverage and are highly recommended on the heavy days of your periods.

Hipsters are popular type of panties in India. Hipster is a combination of bikini and a brief offering ample coverage around your hips. They are available in all sizes and many women prefer wearing hipsters on a daily basis. They add a unique style and additional comfort in your inner wear collection. One of the household manufactures in India is Lovable. Lovable stocks various range of hipsters in their collection and you will enjoy browsing them online.

Hipsters Panties Price

Lovable hipsters starts from 300 rupees and ranges up to 1000 rupees.

Panty Type - Hipster
Panty Type – Hipster

Lace Panties

Lace panties give elegant and classic look for those girls who prefer keeping sexy yet majestic. These are highly popular among newly married women and most men love their partners to see in these seductive lace panties. The only disadvantage of lace panties is they cannot be worn during periods. Pretty Secrets is the brand that has been successful keeping the romance ignited for years.


These panties are available at offline shops and online stores and start from 400 ruppes.

Panty type - Lace
Panty type – Lace


Also called Cheekinis, these are similar to hipsters. These panties reveal a liberal amount of butt cheeks and hence get the name cheeky. Cheeky panties designed using lace fabric has a great demand because of the comfort and alluring look it offers. Another variation of these is cheeksters, which provide less coverage and shows off more booty.

Cheeky or Cheekini Panties Price

These are available at range starting from 300 on different online stores.

Panty Type - Cheeky, Cheekini Panties
Panty Type – Cheeky, Cheekini Panties


This one is a sexier version of bikini. Thongs are one of the most erotic styles of women underwear, which provide minimal butt coverage. The sides of this panty are comparatively thinner than bikinis and lie on the hipbones. Thongs are available in French-cut model where the widest part of the thigh gets the more display. Similar to this there is a European style panty named Tanga, which provide a little more but coverage than thongs.

Thong Panties Price

Thongs are available at price range starting from 300 rupees in both offline and online stores.

Women Underwear Type Thong - Front View
Women Underwear Type Thong – Front View


Women Underwear Type Thong - Rear View
Women Underwear Type Thong – Rear View

String Panties

String panties are hottest among all. These are panties that cover the genital part with a piece of cloth that is supported by strings, which hence reveal the entire butt area. There are a lot more varieties in this category like G-string, V-string, C-string etc.  This one is mainly meant for the sexy appearance and doesn’t offer any particular kind of coverage or support.

String Panties Price

One can buy string panties at price of 400  rupees onwards.

Panty Type - String Panties, Front View
Panty Type – String Panties, Front View


Panty Type - String Panties, Rear View
Panty Type – String Panties, Rear View

Seamless Panties

Nothing beats the comfort offered by the seamless panties. As the name suggest, these panties don’t leave any visible panty lines. Hence, this can be worn under any kind of thin and tight clothing like leggings. These are available in most of the above-mentioned styles like hipsters, thongs, briefs etc.

Seamless Panties Price

Seamless panties are available in both online and offline stores and start at a price range of 300 rupees and above.

Women underwear Type Seamless - Front View
Women underwear Type Seamless – Front View


Women underwear Type Seamless - Back View
Women underwear Type Seamless – Back View. Image courtesy, zivame

Women have many variations when it comes to their underwear and this time we have listed the most demanded panty types in India. From what you have been used all your life, you might be amazed to know about these trending styles available in the market and how these types have its own beauty and let you pick them over other. Most of these styles are available in all offline and online stores. The top manufacturers and sellers of women underwear in India include Jockey, Zivame, Amante, Lovable etc. The price of these panties ranges from 300INR to 5000INR.

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