Talking About Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian is a famous American socialite, sporadic actress and television celebrity. She hit the limelight on account of an infamous sex recording in 2007 when she was given five million dollars by a court of law. Kim Kardashian and her family climbed to eminence with their E ! realism television strings, ‘Keeping Up with … Continue reading “Talking About Kim Kardashian”

Blood Donation – Frequently Asked Questions

Girls, these are few questions that comes to your mind whenever you think of or hear of blood donation. Just For Her is sharing with you FAQs about blood donation. Start below – Why is it important to donate blood? Blood cannot be prepared or created artificially and is in heavy demand for health What … Continue reading “Blood Donation – Frequently Asked Questions”

What is Love? From a Teenager’s Diary

As a teenager, new thoughts, new feelings make you feel very unsure about your “new” self already. It’s more fun yet overwhelming when you start getting more attention your way though it may not be from the most preferred person… your life takes a whole new meaning in these few years and teaches you about … Continue reading “What is Love? From a Teenager’s Diary”

My Experience – Exit Procedure in IBM Daksh

Below article is written by one of our reader who wanted to share his/her experience with all of reader. IBM is worse than Wipro as far as exit procedure is concerned, I was told to meet Mr. Mujawar Sameer in HR team, was I was waiting for 6 hours in HR bay for Sameer as … Continue reading “My Experience – Exit Procedure in IBM Daksh”