How to Make Your Arranged Marriage Work, for Better?

Questions to Ask in Arrange Marriage’s Rishta Meeting to Prospective Groom
Questions to Ask in Arrange Marriage’s Rishta Meeting to Prospective Groom

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Arranged marriages are very common in India, where falling in love is considered as a taboo. Parents usually believe arranged marriages last longer and unfortunately, despite being a ‘forced marriage’, arranged marriages have shown substantial success in India. But what most people don’t know is the hardship one has to go through, to make their arranged marriage work. Most newlywed couples find it difficult to deal with their partner and their lifestyle. If you are one among them, here are some useful tips to help you out.

Arranged Marriage Dating

The more you spend time with your partner (or the partner-to-be), the more you will be able to understand him. You don’t have to wait for this since you can go for some arranged marriage dates before you actually get married. And the best part is that you are meeting the person with your parent’s concern so you will feel less nervous. Arranged marriage dates mostly occur during the phase between your engagement and marriage. There will be no shortage of topics since you can discuss your wedding plans, post marriage things etc.

Befriend Him

If there is no chance for an arranged marriage date, then you have to wait until he ties the knot. Friendship is the initial step to love. You can try to be friends with him by knowing his likes and dislikes. This could be possible only if you two spend some quality time together. Unlike some unsuccessful couple who eats at different times & sleeps on the couch, always do the fundamental tasks of married life together to bond with him better.

Give Them Space

As mentioned earlier it is necessary to spend time with your partner to know him better, but on the other side, you also should give him his space & freedom. In the initial phase of your marriage he may not ask this, but deep inside he wishes for it. Not only his freedom, you too have to maintain your individuality. You both are still the same people before and after marriage so follow your passion, pursue your interests and get in touch with your friends, at the same time allow him to do the same.

Be Positive – Fall in Love

Love is the key element in any successful relationship. Don’t worry if he is not reciprocating to your feeling at the moment. Be positive and patient, don’t get upset or frustrated when your partner says or does something off the beat. The moment you start to find each other’s negative qualities, you will begin to miss their positives. It doesn’t mean you have to please him all the time, but when you point out some of his mistakes make sure that you put it forward politely.  Make it a point to never lose your trust and mutual respect for each other, which will eventually become the base of your love.

Share Your Expectations

Keeping your expectations to yourself and wishing him to know them is a bad idea unless your partner can decode your mind. Communicate with him, share your expectations, and give him a chance to understand them. Be open-minded, speak your heart out. Also, ask him to share his thoughts; you have the complete right to know it.

Share Their Hobbies and Passion

Now, this should be a great way to show your love to him. Accompany him into his passion even if you don’t endorse it. If you are a career-oriented woman, you can involve him in your businesses. Besides this, you can share your interest and hobbies, like asking him to teach you his favorite game or read your favorite books together. Sharing a common interest is definitely going to bring you closer

Spend Good & Bad Times Together

Having someone to share your happiness and hard times is a blessing. Support each other in their ups and downs. Console and encourage them to overcome those difficulties and chase their dreams. Being a supportive pillar to your partner will define the level of your love towards your significant half and makes your bond stronger and stronger.

Most couples find arranged marriages as difficult because it’s a union of different backgrounds. To live with an unknown person and fall in love with each other is definitely a tough task. It may not happen overnight, but it sure will over some time. So, give it a time and when the right moment comes, you will discover that spark of love.

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