India’s Beautiful & Super Hot, Top Female Lingerie Models

Top Lingerie Model
Top Lingerie Model

The fashion industry in India has come a long way from using only film stars as models for fashion shows. I think we can safely agree that there are so many gorgeous, talented, and sexy Indian lingerie models out there in India as well as the world. They charm the runway and our hearts, whether they are wearing full sleeve lehengas or are in their lingerie.

When it comes to lingerie, we are way past the stage where a humble cotton bra and underwear would suffice. Not only do we have a wide variety of styles and designs in this department, but the quality of these products are also incredible. In the previous year of 2016-17, the lingerie market worldwide was valued to have a net worth of over 110 billion US Dollars, and in India itself it was worth over 3 billion US Dollars.

As women we can understand how these enormous values were calculated. Mainly because the items they sell are priced quite steep. Even the most humblest of bras cost us over 400 rupees, and if we go for the push-ups, the padded ones, or the strapless one, we can rest assured that it will dig a deep hole in our pockets.

Since the bra and panty market has now spread from retail to online stores as well, the need for lingerie models have also increased, because how else will these bra companies showcase their products?

So if you are wondering who these women are, who appear in your bra and panty catalogues and such, here is a list of the top lingerie models in India.

Paloma Monnappa

She is belongs from the Coorg district of Mangalore, a place that is famous for its coffee plantations. This dusky goddess, with her brown hair and brown eyes, is a wandering soul who can rock the boho chic style, even when all she is wearing is a pair of black push-ups. But she doesn’t stop there. She is also a part time DJ, a surfer, and hosts travel shows on the Discovery Channel and TLC. Her Instagram posts will pull at your tropical heart strings. Go check her out on instagram @palominski

Paloma Monnappa During a Photoshoot
Paloma Monnappa During a Photoshoot

Diva Dhawan

I don’t think you can expect anything other than full on glam from a girl who literally has “diva” as a name. She is athletic in a slender sort of way and her abs are #goals. Born and brought up in New York, she started her modelling career from the young age of 14. Since then, she has walked for multiple designers in India, and has been the face for Garnier shampoos with her long trailing hair. She is currently pursuing a degree in fashion from the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York city. Check her out on Instagram @diva.dhawan

Diva Dhawan During a Swim Suit Photo shoot
Diva Dhawan During a Swim Suit Photo shoot

Deepti Gujral

She was born and brought up in Mumbai. Her prominent cheekbones and flawless olive skin is what people notice at first about her, but then she cracks open those high heels and struts the runway, and you realise she is more than just a pretty face. She calls herself a moody dresser who shifts from dressy to casual wear depending on her mood and her destination. Check her out on Instagram @deeptigujral

Deepti Gujral During Make Up
Deepti Gujral During Make Up

Nidhi Sunil

Born and brought up in Bangalore, she is a law student turned model who has a sharp mind and equally sharp cheekbones. She mixes yoga with martial arts to stay in shape, and just like Estee Lauder’s bronzer, she is a true bronze goddess. But don’t assume for even a minute that she is just a pretty face. She is intellectual, witty, has strong opinions about Jane Austin books, and has also filed several PILs (public interest litigation) against the Government. Check out her feed on Instagram @nidhisunil

Model Nidhi Sunil
Model Nidhi Sunil

Rasika Navare

An ex-cardiolody student who turned into a model because she liked the prospect of traveling the world that came with the job. She was born in Pune, and although she graduated with a medical degree, she decided to change her career path. She got recognition from doing an ad campaign for Smashbox Cosmetis, and from there she moved to work for many other fashion houses and brands. Her social media is mostly filled with pictures of the places where she went on holiday, food, and her beloved cat. Check her out @rasikanavare

Model Rasika Navare
Model Rasika Navare

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