How to Wear & Style Newchic’s Vintage Dress For Beginners

Vintage Dress Styles
Vintage Dress Styles

Vintage clothes are well known for their individuality. Vintage style is the answer to all those women who are fed up with identical garments in stores. It is really exciting to shop for vintage clothes and accessories because you’ll never know what you will find. Vintage shops are treasure boxes for those who love shopping, since there won’t be dozens of the same or similar items. You can find so many online and offline store that sell vintage dresses. Newchic is a one among those fashion stores that offer some of the best collection of vintage clothes. You can check out their latest collection of vintage dresses here.

Despite having the never-ending love towards the vintage clothes, most women fear that they might end up looking like a Shakespeare’s play character or like they are on the way to a costume party. It is necessary that you should know how to style a vintage dress. Never style yourself top to bottom in vintage style, it make you definitely end up like someone from previous era. Vintage style looks best when you compliment it with some modern accessories. It will give you the perfect combination of classy and trendy style that can turn many heads.

You can pair vintage dress with different accessories like scarfs, hats, chains, earrings, belts, shoes and bags. If you match it well you can style the same dress in different looks. If you think you are terrible with this mix & match process, then let me help you. Check out the stylish and modest way to style vintage clothes.

How to Style a Vintage Dress?

The first thing you should consider while selecting a vintage clothing is the fabric. A low quality fabric is a big NO, as it can’t be made stylish even if you have a clever choice of accessories. The vintage cloth fabric should be of high quality and try to avoid those with in built embellishment, since it can mess up the whole look when we choose matching accessories.

Here I have chosen a Vintage Sleeveless High Split Shirred Solid Long Maxi Dress. The fabric is not too thin or too thick. It has a little bit of layering on one side. This one is a plain sleeveless dress that reaches up to the ankle length with an O-shaped neck. By choosing the right accessories, we can turn this dress into multiple styles.

Vintage Sleeveless High Split Shirred Solid Long Maxi Dress
Vintage Sleeveless High Split Shirred Solid Long Maxi Dress

Girly Girl Style

This style embraces the femininity and make you look fabulous even making you kinky. For a girly girl style you have to take care from top to bottom. It includes keeping a perfect hairstyle, pretty polished nails, light or feminine makeup and last but not the least to act girly. To give a girly appearance you can pair the Vintage Sleeveless High Split Shirred Solid Long Maxi Dress with a couple of items. A girly girl style mainly consists of lots of jewelries like chains, earrings, bangles, bracelets, anklets etc.

Here to make it look fresh and elegant we could choose some gold or silver jewelries like Alloy Rhinestone Long Tassel Women Earrings, a bangle bracelet and a Multiple Rhinestone Ball Necklace.

Since bold and tacky footwear create a tomboy feel, we should completely avoid that type of footwear. Stick to some simple sandals like Metal Beaded Bohemia Clip Toe Elastic Flat Sandals.

Alloy Rhinestone Long Tassel Women Earrings

Bangle Bracelet

Multiple Rhinestone Ball NecklaceMetal Beaded Bohemia Clip Toe Elastic Flat Sandals

Rock Chick Style

If you are done with the minimalist and feminine style, then it’s time for you to try the rock chick style. It is adding a bit of boyish charm to our feminine outfit. While planning for a rock chick style you have to give more importance to the footwear, bags and jackets.

These accessories will give that tacky and bold look. And for jewelry, minimal ones like small earrings or chains or a watch will be a great choice. Pair it with an Ethnic jewelry necklace, a long sleeve jacket, and flat shoes.

Ethnic Jewelry Necklace

Long Sleeve Jacket

Flat Shoes

Casual Style

This one is the most accepted style among many women. Casual style mainly emphasis on the comfort of the person wearing the outfit. With minimal embellishments or accessories, this style could give a cozy & cool look, even without making you look like old school. To give a casual style to the maxi dress, pair it with a stylish waist belt like the Lady Leather Thin Narrow Bowknot Waist Belt, a simple leather bracelet and a comfortable work shoes

Lady Leather Thin Narrow Bowknot Waist Belt

Leather Bracelet

Work Shoes

Edgy Style

It is similar to the rock chic style, but instead of the tacky accessories, we could choose some minimal ones. You can pair the Vintage Sleeveless High Split Shirred Solid Long Maxi Dress with Handmade Needle Pin Buckle Waistband, Black Lace Pearl Hollow Flower Choker Necklace and a perfect Sexy Pointed Toe Shoes.

Handmade Needle Pin Buckle Waistband

Black Lace Pearl Hollow Flower Choker Necklace

Sexy Pointed Toe Shoes

The right choice of accessories can transform your outfit from dull to fab. It can also expand your wardrobe because you can achieve variety of looks by changing the accessories.

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