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How To Choose Right & Comfortable BRA?

How to Choose Bra?
How to Choose Bra?

Let us see how to choose  a comfortable bra. A lot of us have made, and a lot of us will make the transition, from wearing a plain slip underneath our shirts to a bra. The very idea of having to wear this piece of clothing all the time underneath your shirts and can be a little scary, but trust me, after a while, it kind of becomes a part of you and not wearing a bra underneath your shirt would feel like the odd thing.

A lot of young girls who are going to venture into this new territory, may not know or may not get the correct guidance when it comes to buying bras. Therefore in this post, I will be sharing with you some useful things that you can keep in mind, which in turn would help you in choosing the right and comfortable bra.

Get Measured

If it isn’t obvious, do not just buy a size because the sales person is saying that it would fit you. Although more often than not, when we go to buy a bra from a large departmental store, the sales women ask you what your size is. The best course here is to measure it out with a measuring tape, and for the first few years keep measuring your breasts from time to time because this is when they will be growing, and which in turn would lead to a change in your bra size.

Measure Bra Size
Measure Bra Size

Start with Cotton

Your best friend when it comes to bras for newbies is the good old fashioned cotton. It is a soft breathable fabric that won’t make your breasts feel uncomfortable and unnecessarily sweaty. Also, cotton bras are affordable and since your breasts are in that phase where they are still growing out, it is best to not waste a whole lot of money on a fancy bra only to grow out of it in a few months.

Comfortable Cotton Bra
Comfortable Cotton Bra

Test It Out

What I mean by this is, wear the bra in the trial room before buying, to see if it feels comfortable or not, if there are any pokey bits, and if it is able to give you the coverage you want. Sometimes the circumference of the bra may be perfect but the cup size isn’t right, and sometimes it could be the other way around. To save yourself another trip to the store to exchange the wrong product, it is best to test it out in the trial.

Try Your Bra
Try Your Bra

Check Your Movement

Since this piece of clothing is going to be underneath your clothes, make sure that it won’t obstruct your movement. So when you are trying the bra out, move around a little in it, raise your arms and see how it feels and whether or not it is causing you discomfort to do it, bend down and check the feel of the bra strap from the back, and so on.

Check the Catalogue for Styles and Brands

The bra catalogues give you an idea about all the different style of bras that are available in the store, what colour they are available in, the different brands selling them, and what material they are made of. If you find something nice from here, then it will make your hunt for a good bra simpler because this way you are able to pinpoint on what you need.

Always Check for Bra Catalog
Always Check for Bra Catalog

Try Padded and Wired

The idea that women who have smaller breasts wear padded bras in order to increase the look of its size, is a misconception. Everyone should own at least one padded bra because these are the perfect thing to wear underneath t-shirts or fitted clothes because the padded-ness of the bra will keep your nipples from showing. There are different levels of pad given in bras, so if you have larger breasts, then opt for the one that is slightly padded and not heavily padded. Wired bras on the other hand give your breasts an extra bit of support, so if you have larger breasts and have a fear that they may sag, then wear a bra with an under-wire because that will give you your support.

Wired & Padded Bra
Wired & Padded Bra


How to choose your bra?


Her Room came up with this very nice info-graphic that will help you to chose type of bra based on your breast type.

Choose Bra Type Based on Your Breast Type
Choose Bra Type Based on Your Breast Type


So, that is it. These are some of my tips for you newbie bra wearers on how you can choose the right bra for yourself. These are all from my personal experience, and if you have something to add to the list, do leave them in the comments below. You can share your own tips too, how do you choose bra for yourself?

Written by Girlopedia Staff

Techie by profession blogger by hobby, founder of Girlopedia.

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