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Why Would A Guy Enjoy Stealing Women’s Underwear?

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I’m sure you must have already heard about the video footage going viral in social medias and news bulletins. Yes, the CCTV video footage of Maharani Women’s college in Bangalore. The video aired by Times of India shows a knife-wielding semi-naked man wearing women’s lingerie sneaking into college hostel during midnight and stealing women’s underwear that left out for drying. After being chased by a security guard, the weirdo escapes by jumping the compound wall. Bangalore, the city has been under surveillance after the mass molestation in the New Year’s Eve, has now witnessed another bizarre yet dangerous situation.

The incident seems very odd and scary, but at this point, one question amuses me. Why would a guy enjoy stealing women’s underwear? Not only Bangalore, but various part of the world have already reported these types of underwear fetishes. Why do men do that? Here are some points that explain why a man loves women’s lingerie and hence steal or buy them.

The scent of a Woman

Panties are the most intimate item that lies close to a woman’s body. What draws a man to it? Surprisingly, it’s the scent of the woman who used it. No doubt, smell is a powerful sexual tool. So, holding the panty of a woman he desires will be like holding her itself. Men always love to keep a token of remembrance.

Nykaa [CPS] IN

Enhance Fantasies

There are mainly two types of some panty thieves. One among them only needs the panties of the single woman they lust after. And the other, who just need panties and never care about who they belong to. These panty lovers steal lingerie to enhance their sexual fantasies by picturing those women in their acts.

Attracted to Fabrics

This sounds funny, but it’s a fact that when it comes to under wears, women have a lot more varieties than men. While when women choose from soft fabrics like Satin, Silk, Velvet, cotton, polyester etc. men are stuck with very a few rough fabrics. So, it seems like these panty consumers are attracted to the fabrics of women’s lingerie. Wearing those panties reminds them of women, and the soft fabric itself gives them pleasure. To enjoy this, some men buy women’s lingerie, while other perverts steal them.

Enjoys the Kick

It’s very strange to see a man who doesn’t like risk. Every man enjoys the pleasure of taking up a risk. What could be more challenging and exciting than stealing a woman’s lingerie? The hormone rush will be high depending upon the risk in stealing. Like in the case of the situation in Maharani Women’s college in Bengaluru, the rate of risk is very high because of sneaking into a women’s only building alone and that too half naked. As much as the man wants the panties, he also wants to escape from the situation without getting caught.

An Act of Abnormality:

A study conducted in Japan call this as an act of abnormality. The researchers scanned the brain of an obsessed patient to see if there is any biological explanation to these panty fetish acts. The scan revealed it as a disorder of sexual fantasy, fixation, or behaviors toward an inanimate object.

A Romantic Gesture for Couples

Keeping the dangerous situation aside, there are some innocent panty desires who want the lingerie of their own woman. Keeping panties of their wife of girlfriend is a great tool to rethink about the flashbacks of their sexual acts. A panty is a secret item that a woman owns, so keeping one, of your woman’s is like keeping a piece of her.

When it comes to stealing women’s underwear, whether it’s the woman that wore the panties, the scent of her, the fabric, or the adrenaline rush in taking up the adventure, the reason for men’s desire towards women’s panty differs from individuals.

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