Girl’s Menstrual Cycle, Periods Explained in Simple Language

Girl’s Menstrual Cycle, Periods Explained
Girl’s Menstrual Cycle, Periods Explained

Most girls start to menstruate by the age of 12 or 13, but the possibility of is from the age of 8. So, it is very important to explain menstruation as early as possible. However, menstruation is treated as an awkward subject to talk about, most women don’t have the right knowledge about this. Every girl should know about the changes happening in her body during puberty. This article is to clear all your doubts regarding your menstrual cycle.

What’s Menstruation?

Once a girl starts her menstruation, her body is physically capable of becoming pregnant. Inside a girl’s body, there are parts that help her grow a baby. Among these, ovaries are capable of producing eggs and uterus is the place where that keeps the fertilized egg. Every month, one of the ovaries releases an egg and due to hormonal changes, the uterus starts preparing for pregnancy. After the egg is released, it travels to the uterus. Now, if the egg is fertilized, it will get stuck to the uterus and in future develops into a fetus. If the egg isn’t fertilized, it is then passed out of her body. Along with the unfertilized egg, the lining of the uterus (endometrium) is also shed through her vagina. This is termed as a menstruation or period.

Girl’s Menstrual Cycle Explained
Girl’s Menstrual Cycle Explained

Menstrual Cycle

The average menstrual cycle for most girls is 28 days, but it may vary from 21 to 35 and it’s still normal. The uterus lining and unfertilized egg leave through the vagina as a reddish fluid (which contains blood). Typically a girl’s body will be oozing a quarter cup of blood is during her period, but it seems more since it is not discharged altogether. For most girls, period lasts for 3 to 7 days.

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Does Menstruation Hurt?

Many women have cramps in the lower abdomen or back during their period. Along with these, there will be bloating, headaches and fatigue. Mild exercises, warm bath, hot bags and drinking more water can help you relieve the pain.

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What to Do When You Are on Periods?

Sanitary pads are the best option during the beginning stage of a girl’s period. Once she is familiar with her menstrual cycle and blood flow rate, she can use tampons or menstrual cups. Many women find pads more comfortable. Ensure that you change the pads/tampons every four hours to avoid leakage or infections. Also, drink more water and eat healthy to avoid being exhausted during your period.

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Safety Measures

  • Try to remember the possible date on which your next cycle will start
  • Carry some pads or tampons before the expected date
  • Try to wear dark colored clothes, so that the unexpected stains will not be visible.
  • Cover it up with your backpack or by tying a sweatshirt around your waist.

Consult a Doctor

  • If your period lasts more than 7 days
  • When you can’t relieve your menstrual cramps by medication
  • When there is heavy bleeding
  • When you miss your period for a long time (say 3 months) or when your period becomes irregular
  • If you haven’t started menstruating by the age of 15
  • When you feel sick after using pads/tampons

Your body is doing what it supposed to be doing. Every woman goes through this, it is perfectly normal. Try different products to find the best that suits you. Feel proud of your femininity, celebrate your periods.

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