Intimate Lingerie, Special Occasions When a Girl Must Wear An Intimate Lingerie

Occasions When a Girl Must Wear An Intimate Lingerie

Does it matter what you wear underneath? This is something most women think when she is been asked about her undergarments. But actually, the truth is, YES, it matters!! It really matters when you are married, dating or even single. Girls always have a love/hate relationship with her underwear. Most women don’t pay much attention to what she wear under her outfit, since to them, nobody else is going to see those.  On the other side, some spend much time to pick those fancy stuff, even after knowing that they are going to wear it the least.

Speaking about the fancy stuff, which is commonly termed as intimate lingerie (sexy lingerie), the first thing comes into people’s mind is sex. There is no doubt that these little clothes are such a great turn on for you as well as your partner. But the fact is, a lingerie is not about him, it is about you. It is about the feel you get when you wear something that appreciates all your beauty and imperfections.

Some might doubt that they should have a perfect body to wear a fancy lingerie, but you are wrong. Not all women out there have an hourglass figure; they all have flaws, lumps & bumps in their body. At least they don’t limit their not-so-perfect body from enjoying the pleasures of wearing some sexiest clothing.

There are a lot of occasions where you can wear a sexy lingerie, which includes occasions with him or with just you. Here is a list of some occasions that are perfect for that flirty, feminine piece of cloth.

Intimate Moments for a Girl
Intimate Moments for a Girl

On Your Date

It may sound a little awkward but who knows, Today might be the day. And you don’t want him to see you in your stretched-out and old fashioned granny underwear on that day. Even if you are not planning anything like that, wearing intimate lingerie could help you carry yourself confident and sexy. Plus, giving him some hint of what you are wearing underneath could make him all lost in you.

On Wedding Night

I don’t have to say this, but nothing turns him on better than you made an effort to turn him on. If the couple knows each other well, then this will not be such a big difficulty. And if you are having an arranged marriage, you might be like ‘Are you crazy? I barely know the guy in front of me’. You are right, no woman want look like a slut on her wedding night. But taking such a bold action could break the ice between you two and give him a feeling that you want him as much as he wants you.

On Honeymoon

No need to say, this is the time you are all with your husband. It is the time you get to know each other better and explore your fantasies.  Wearing something sexy could make the moment hotter. He will appreciate the attempt you made to dress up for him. And you never know, in return he might surprise you back.

Valentine’s Day/ His birthday:

Buying gifts for guys on any occasion is a tough task, since they don’t get so thrilled like you when they receive teddies, chocolates or flowers. But do you know what makes him excited for sure? His favorite person (You! )in the most sexiest lingerie paired with a fun night. If it’s Valentine’s day or his birthday or any day that is special for you two, seeing you in lingerie will make him go like, ‘Oh My God, Am I dreaming’.

To Feel Good About Yourself

If you haven’t tried out an intimate lingerie just because you are single, then let me tell you that this gorgeous clothing is not always for seducing a man. Regardless of whether you are single or in a love affair, every single piece of cloth you wear is sending a powerful energy about you and we see it as confidence and charisma. So just think about what kind of energy are you sending with those inappropriate bra & old fashioned panties.

To Feel Sexy

Wearing something sexy makes you feel sexy. You may wonder if I say that wearing intimate lingerie can boost your self-confidence. But it is true, You can see yourself transforming from that lazy, boring woman to the bold, dominating diva. Whether you are in your office, or at a party, what’s more thrilling when you know that no one has a clue about the naughty & wild thing you wear beneath your classy modest attire. Unlike those old stiff corsets, modern lingerie are very sexy and comfortable, and have no health risks and enhance our overall looks.

To Keep the Passion Going On

‘Happily ever after’, is something every couple wishes for. To make this happen you should always keep the spark alive between you and your partner. It doesn’t mean to have meaningless sex all the time, but you should be able to excite each other with some cute little gestures. Wearing an intimate lingerie could do wonders and you could spice up the things and rediscover the passion you once had.

So what are you waiting for? Get yourself some sexiest lingerie and ignite your feminine creativity. There are so many offline and online stores where you can

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