Four Tips to be Happy in a Job You Despise

Tips to be Happy in a Job You Despise
Tips to be Happy in a Job You Despise

When survival overweighs passion.

Do you ladies eagerly wait for the weekends? Do you have severe Monday blues?  Do you feel disconnected when at work? If your answer is “Yes” to these questions, then you might be a person who is not so happy with your job. Not everybody gets a dream job that they are passionate about. Many of us have some obligations, that we cannot wait for the right job. So, how do we cope with a job that least interests you? Here are four tips that might help you in this situation;

Know Yourself; A step towards self-realization.

It is always important to have some time to reflect on your thoughts, actions and dreams. If not anything, this gives a sense of balance within yourself, this in-turn will open up doors to correct your mistakes. This step towards self-realization will clear your thoughts and you will end up catching the root-cause of this unhappiness. Once you know the problem, there are always many ways you can find solutions. Now, think of corrective measures to solve this problem, it might be just setting up a meeting with colleagues or talking to higher officials about your concern. Whatever you do, stay calm and composed!

Appreciate Yourself; Be proud of what you are and what you have done.

Most of the times we tend to forget our journey. In the pursuit of passion and big dreams we do not appreciate a lot of small milestones of life. Love yourself and be proud of the things you have done or gone through. Appreciate yourself, your family, your friends and your achievements (If not achievements, your endurance). Retreat yourself with a relaxing spa/ massage or go for a dream makeover; a haircut and color would do the trick. Go out shopping in your favorite mall or just go shopping in the streets. Revamp your work space, personalize and decorate it as you like it. Add a plant to your table that will draw in fresh energy to your space while reminding you to be grounded.

Indulge in your Hobbies; Re-discover your interests, hobbies or fantasies.

When you walk out of your office, be yourself. Leave all your official matters inside the office gate. Walk out and feed your passion that will create a beautiful pattern making you see things in a new perspective. Once you do what you love, you will see how much you have been ignoring your interests all this while. This might introduce yourself to your own higher-self– and this journey might open-up wisdom that would give you all the answers for your inner-questions. You make yourself happy, your family and friends are happy as a chain reaction. This radiance is contagious; your colleagues or higher officials are sure to notice. Positively, the long-term communication issues at office might just get resolved!

Focus on to Big Goals; See beyond the boundaries.

Now that you lovely ladies have a clear thinking, focus on your long-term goals and see your achievements as stepping stones to your destination. Learn from your work-experience and remember every minute is a learning experience that adds on to your knowledge. Do not see work issues with a microscope, rather just see what you can gain/ take as lessons. In the long run, these lessons will help you reach your big dreams. After all, success is what you define and set for yourself. You go girl!

Written by Girlopedia Staff

Techie by profession blogger by hobby, founder of Girlopedia.

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