What to eat to lose belly fat?

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    What to eat to lose belly fat?


    Cut sugar, processed food and carbonated drinks from your diet. If you much add sweetness, then use honey or jaggery instead. Increase your protein intake in your everyday diet. Replace Carbohydrates with complex- Carbs for a greater nutritional value. Include good fats and fiber in your diet as well. Exercise regularly. Keep motivated and do not give up.


    1. Eat lots of veggies, good protein and fat.
    2. Drink Green tea, lemon water or infused water along with plain water.
    3. Eat fruits and berries.
    4. Almonds or Almond milk, Milk, spinach, sea food and nuts.
    5. Get a good night’s sleep.


    Drink Turmeric milk every night before bed.


    Mix Cinnamon honey in warm water, drink as soon as you wake up and once before bed. It is effective.


    Green juice for flat tummy:

    Half cucumber
    1-inch Ginger
    Half a lemon/ lime
    A bunch of Coriander leaves

    Blend these with a cup of water. Drink every night before bed. It is very powerful belly fat melting drink.


    Thank you all for the wonderful replies and recipes. I would surely try the tips!

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