How to gain weight through exercises?

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    I am tall, small-framed and extremely skinny. I want to increase my weight. Are there any ways to increase weight through exercising?


    Ideally, free weights workouts are done to increase weight to muscle gain. East clean/ healthy and do weight training and circuit training with the help of your trainer. All the best.


    I believe that workout is just a part of it, the major part lies in the nutritional plan. Increase your calories intake (2000 to 2500 per day). Eat lots of good fat and protein. Good luck.


    Increase at least 300 calories from what you are eating currently. Do basic squats, forearm presses, planks and jumping jacks regularly. Sleep well and drink lots of water.


    Join a gym and take your gym instructor’s advice for a guided weight gain.


    I agree with most of the above answers. I would add resistance training to the list as well.


    Thanks guys!

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