Types of Bras that Women Love, Top Women Bra Types For You

Types of Bras that Every Women Love, Top Women Bra Types For You

A perfect bra can turn any of your outfits into a better one. With the term ‘perfect bra’ I meant the one that is comfortable, provides good support, flaunt your curves and goes with your dresses. It is difficult for most women to find the best bra for them since there are more choices under different categories like brands, fabrics, functions etc. Let us understand different bra types available, these are highest selling bra types in India too.

Bra styles have evolved into various levels, which now have to consider more factors than just the basic requirement of supporting the breasts. While choosing a bra common and biggest mistake most women make is that they stick on to single type of bra for every occasion & outfits. Every woman should own different types of bras depending upon their requirements, occasion and outfit.  

So, if you have decided to revamp your lingerie collection, you must know the bra types that have high demand. Don’t worry if you have no idea about these, we have made this easier for you. Check out the list of top selling bra types in India.

T-shirt Bra

Bra Type - T-Shirt Bra
Bra Type – T-Shirt Bra

Also, known as Contour / Seamless bra, these are one among the highly demanded bra type in India. As the name suggest this bra is mainly preferred to wear under light fabric clothes because it cleverly hides the visible bra line. Whether it is a scoop neck or deep V-neck Tee, this will be a perfect choice.

Strapless / Convertible Bra

Bra Type - Strapless Bra
Bra Type – Strapless Bra

A regular bra is not the right option when it comes to beautiful outfits like off-shoulder or backless dresses. A visible bra strap along with these dresses is going to completely spoil the look. A strapless bra is the one that can be well paired with these outfits, where you can confidently display your shoulders and neck to the best. Adding some variation to this there is another bra type called convertible bras. Convertible bras come with a set of removable bra straps, which can be attached in different ways.

Push-Up Bra

Bra Type - Push Up Bra
Bra Type – Push Up Bra

This one is the popular choice among small-breasted women, who want to lift their twins higher. A push-up bra lifts & supports the breasts, make them appear larger and create a sexy cleavage. No wonder this one has a high demand in the market. A push-up bra can be a good choice for those women with asymmetric breast, which by the way is a completely normal thing.

Full Cup Bra

Bra Type - Full Cup Bra
Bra Type – Full Cup Bra

Big-busted beauties who prefer a better coverage and support should definitely try full cup bras. This one is also a good solution for those who have loose (sagging) breast tissues. It can be worn underneath any traditional outfits that give you a modest look. Make sure that you won’t make the mistake by pairing it with low-cut tops or shirts since they might get visible because of it full coverage function.

Plunge Bra

Bra Type - Plunge Bra
Bra Type – Plunge Bra

These are designed to wear with low-cut dresses, where the V-shaped plunge gives the appearance of fuller breasts and feminine cleavage.  Hence, these types of bras are mostly preferred by women with petite breasts. The plunge bra supports the breasts from the center of the cups and pushes them together, creating a sexy cleavage under tops with a deep neckline.

Demi Cup Bra

Bra Type - Demi Cup Bra
Bra Type – Demi Cup Bra

Demi cup bras are best suited for women with small breasts. These are preferred mostly with outfits that enhance the cleavage like wide, square or scoop necklines work well with these type bras. But pay attention to the fitting of the demi cup bras; if not, the breast may appear bulgy or the nipples may play a peek-a-boo.

Minimizer Bra

Bra Type - Minimizer Bra
Bra Type – Minimizer Bra

Nothing can be more disturbing for a woman than her bigger busts that always stand as a challenge for every outfit and sometimes even draw wrong attentions. Here comes the use of a minimizer bra, which is designed to make the bigger breasts appear smaller. These bras bring the best result by compressing the bosoms and hence you must be very careful in choosing the brand and fabric since a wrong choice can risk your health.

Bralette Bra

Bra Type - Bralette Bra
Bra Type – Bralette Bra

Bralette bra is the best for small breasted women who want to celebrate their small bust. This type of bra doesn’t have any particular support, shaping, under-wires or pads. These are mainly designed using soft comfortable fabrics that might be a relaxing or chilling type and most likely not advised for large breasted ladies. This one is considered as the hottest among India’s Top Selling Bra Types.

Many women dislike lingerie shopping because of the difficulty in finding the one that fits properly. However, when you have found the one that provides best support, comfort, and appearance, you have just open yourself up to a lot more wardrobe possibilities.

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