Beautyblender – Modernize the Way You Makeup Sponge, Product Review

Beautyblender - Modernize the Way You Makeup Sponge, Product Review
Beautyblender - Modernize the Way You Makeup Sponge, Product Review

For those of you who don’t already know, a Beautyblender is a makeup sponge that is used to blend makeup. When this product was launched, it was aimed at using as a tool to blend foundation, but then people started to use it for blending in their concealer, contour, highlighters, cream blush, and even powder.

This particular makeup tool has revolutionized the makeup game. It helps you blend in your makeup in such a way that it all goes on seamlessly and your skin looks like skin. In today’s post, I will be giving an in-depth review of the Beautyblender.


This product is priced at INR 1,899.


The sponge comes in a clear, hard plastic container.

What It Claims

The world’s first edgeless, non-disposable, high definition cosmetic sponge applicator ensures impeccable, streak free application with minimum product waste.

How It Performed

This product is a miracle makeup tool. If you have ever struggled with blending your foundation in, then this sponge is the answer for your problem. Yes, it is super expensive for a piece of sponge, but trust me, it is worth every penny. There are several varieties available for this sponge, but the original pink one costs the least out of them all.

This sponge is best used when damp, so before you start with your makeup, stick this thing under the tap and then squeeze out the excess water. You can also use fix plus spray, but you know water is free. The sponge will double in size when it is damp, and all you do now is dot your foundation on your face or you could put it directly on the sponge, and in a dabbing motion, go all over your face and see how seamlessly it blends everything out. This also works for blending concealer under the eyes, applying cream contour and blush, and also to blend in your highlighter. It does soak up a lot of the product so you will end up using more product than you normally would, but if you ever put too much on, this sponge will ensure that you don’t look cakey.

The only con about this sponge is that it is a pain to clean after. I urge you that you wash it every day after you are done using it, because that way you can get rid of as much product as you can. Also, not washing it daily will help germs accumulate on your sponge, meaning that every time you use your dirty beautyblender, you are just putting bacteria on your face.

Pros and Cons


  • Blends in your foundation seamlessly
  • Can be used for blending other makeup items as well


  • Soaks up a lot of makeup leading to wastage
  • Needs to be washed everyday or else bacteria will accumulate on it


I think this makeup tool is one of the best things to be ever invented after the kabuki brush. Foundation has never looked so flawless on my skin, and even though it comes with a steep price, it is worth investing on. I rate this product a 5 out of 5 and recommend it to anyone who wears makeup.

Written by Girlopedia Staff

Techie by profession blogger by hobby, founder of Girlopedia.

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