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Ten Beauty and Style Hacks That Every Girl Should Know

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‘Wow, this is crazy and it’s meant for me’. That is what I felt when I saw the video.  This video was a saving grace for me. There are these minuscule details that the video mentions, which answers my daily challenges. Let us see what are these? These are beauty and style hacks every girl and even guys should know. Here we go….

Smudgy Mascara

Yuck! This mascara spreads over my eyelids. I don’t know what I got to do for this?

Simple, take a note pad or a card and put it over your eyelashes, then apply the mascara. ‘Wow’ this way the mascara didn’t spread on my eyelids. Superb!!!

I Sometimes Have a Bad Hair Day

When I have a bad hair day, it is totally ‘yuck’, and I hate to go out of my house. My hair gets frizzy, oily and sticky. So what do I do?

Take a dryer sheet and slither or glide it over your hair. This way it doesn’t get sticky and you can surely step out of your home and have fun!!

My Perfume Doesn’t Stay for Too Long

Put some Vaseline on the part where you are going to spray perfume. Then spray the perfume on those spots. I did this and girls this was great. It actually worked.

There are around 10 hacks in this video, which are useful for guys as well. So what are you waiting for? Hit the video and enjoy. Bye for now and don’t forget to tell us how you found them….

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