How to Avoid Being Sweaty This Summer to Stay Cool & Stylish? Answered

Avoid Being Sweaty This Summer to Stay Cool & Stylish
How to Avoid Being Sweaty This Summer to Stay Cool & Stylish

Worried about those sweaty stinky days?  Ever wondered why you can’t stay cool and stylish in those summer days. You might have gone wrong while choosing your summer collections. Resetting your wardrobe and changing some habits could keep you cool all day long. Here are some Summer Fashion tips to avoid being a sweaty disaster.

Easy Summer Fashion Tips

Keep Your Clothes Light Weighted & Loose

Wear clothes that do not touches your body much. Most girls believe a pair of shorts is the best choice to beat the summer but actually, a loose maxi dress keeps you cooler.  So this summer, go for those airy loose tops over the ones that cling to your body.

Choose the Right Fabrics

Be picky about the fabric you choose in summer. Go for natural fabrics like cotton, which absorbs heat faster and is more breathable. Prefer clothes made of natural fiber than materials like polyester or rayon.

Take A Break from Those Padded Bras

It does not matter how much you love those or how well it fits. Skip that padded bra in favor of a soft, breathable fabric. An unlined bralette will be a perfect choice to avoid those boob sweat in your summer days.

Open-Weave Knits for The Rescue

This fabric contours to any type of body loosely, and are popular due to their comfort and versatility. This summer layer it up with some open-weave-knits, let your body feels every cooling breeze, but make sure you wear a camisole or bandeau to avoid those wrong glares from everyone.

Stick to Light Colors

This will be a sad fact for the “Black lovers”. Light colors have the ability to reflect sunlight, which makes you feel cool, while dark colors absorb light and make your hotter.  So this summer, give a break to your black collection and stick to some light colors.

Skip Those Lined Dresses

A lining is just another layer between your body and the air. Mostly the lining cloth is made of synthetic fabric like polyester, which won’t breathe. So, this summer pick some unlined tops, bottoms and dresses to keep you sweat free all day.

Avoid Clothes with Embellishments

Avoid wearing clothes with heavy embellishments like beading or metal. Any types of embellishment are heavy, these could make your clothes weigh down and touch your body, which again makes you sweaty.

Choose Dresses that Cover Your Body

Sleeveless tops might be the first thing that comes to our mind on a hot day. However, the better option is to choose a full sleeve loose top of the natural fabric, which will keep you cool and protect your skin from the direct sun.

Always Wear Washed Clothes

Make sure you don’t re-wear the clothes. Even light weighted clothes leave dirt and sweat on the fabric that makes it less breathable.  Wear your clothes fresh and clean as much as possible.

A Hot Shower

Yes, you read it right. We all want to take a cold shower for those hot days, but cold shower seems satisfying now, but it will raise your body temperature later. Take a nice, warm shower that lower your body temperature, and wash off any dirt on your skin that could be making you feel hot.

Seek Out Shade

Try to avoid direct sun exposure, which not only makes you sweaty but also damages your skin. Carry an umbrella or hat with you whenever you go out. Bring shade by wearing a wide hat or by draping a lightweight scarf whenever you feel like you are getting too much sun exposure.

Say No to Heavy Bags

The more weight you carry around, the more you get exhausted and sweaty. A backpack on a hot day is a complete no-no. So stuck to some light weighted bags or sling bags.

Don’t Forget to Wear Socks

Sandals might seem like the perfect choice during summer, but it makes your feet exposed to dirt, which means hot. Wearing socks help you absorb the sweat and keeps your feet clean and cool.

No Open Hair

Women love to keep their hair open, it makes them feel more feminine.  But leaving your hair open on summer days will not only damages your hair but also makes your neck area sweaty and dirty. Keep your hair off your neck by tying it up or by wearing a light weighted scarf around your neck.

Little or No Jewelry

Heavy necklaces, bracelet etc. are a real burden on a hot day. Metals get hot and are heavy which again trap heat on your body.  Earrings are OK because they don’t touch much of your skin.  Just wear a very little amount of jewelry or not wear them at all.

So, ladies just keep in mind these tips and be prepared to welcome this summer happily. No more sweaty days and no more embarrassment.  It’s time to showcase the cool and stylish confident woman in you.

Written by Girlopedia Staff

Techie by profession blogger by hobby, founder of Girlopedia.

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