Just For Her Girlopedia as name suggests is an online women’s magazine & discussion forum crafted just for her. We aim to be one of the leading online community for women. Girlopedia covers latest fashion trends, brand news, Bollywood fashion, seasonal trends, Lifestyle, beauty, entertainment, health and much more.

We started with name ‘Just For Her’ in year 2015 and was rebranded to ‘Girlopedia’ in year 2018. Girlopedia sees healthy traffic from all major search engines and social media websites. GP is also active on major Social media channels.

GP was started by Aparna and is operated from Youthful and cheerful city Bangalore. Aparna wanted to take her passion, fashion and women issue ahead over digital space and decided to launch her own women’s magazine and discussion forum then the Girlopedia.com was born. GP saw more than 10,000 people visiting website in first month of inception and team was more than amazed and thrilled as no one expected this much of traffic in first month that too without spending a rupee on marketing.

Girlopedia Staff writes about different categories – Beauty & Style, Fashion, Entertainment, Love, Relationship and Health. We aim to provide helpful, insightful and engaging content that girls would love to spend time reading. We also encouraging readers to write for us. Instead of writing a post on a blog that has 10 readers a day girls can write on GP and reach out to thousands of readers across the globe.

With proud, Girlopedia boasts of readership across 153 countries. People of almost all origin, region and religion come and visit GPP A strong technical foundation ensures that website remains available 24×7 and there is no down time. We use state of the art infrastructure to host all files and databases ensuring quick page loads, faster navigation and no down time.

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