15 Real Life Romantic Date Ideas for Couples That you’ll Both Actually Enjoy

Romantic Date Ideas
Romantic Date Ideas

For any of you girls out there who have ever been on a date with someone or been in a relationship where you had a concept of “date night” then girl you know how difficult it can get after the first few times. The idea of having to either go for a movie or a fancy dinner gets boring after the 5th time, trust me.

So what does one do in such a situation? Well, in this post, I will be sharing with you 15 romantic date ideas, that are creative and is something you will both enjoy.

Plan a Picnic

Get yourself one of those typical picnic baskets and fill it up with a bottle of wine, some cheese, finger sandwiches, berries, some glasses, and your picnic blanket, and head out either to the park on a Sunday or perhaps even in your own backyard, and you have got yourself a lovely date idea sorted.

Wine Tasting

Now this option is for those who drink wine and have an interest in trying out different varieties and ages of it. Plan for yourself a weekend getaway to a winery where you can get a taste of different ages of wine, from red, white, to pink. The first step to doing this is to find out wineries that have the touring option in them and from there go ahead and plan your date weekend.

Check Out a New Band

For all the music enthusiasts out there, I think it is time that you venture forward to other artists than the usual. Look for bands or artists who are performing near you, whether in a concert or in a pub, and take your date there instead of to the movies where chances are, she may probably fall asleep.

Go to A Street Fair

With the introduction of the faerie light into everything outdoor, I think it is only fair that you take your date out to a street fair during the evening, when these lights are being turned on and a complete boho look comes to the streets. Whether it is a food festival, art and craft festival, or any other street fair, your date night will be perfection.

Go Ice Skating

I think there is something eternally romantic when your partner helps you maintain your balance on the rink so that you don’t fall flat on your butt. It increases trust between the two and it gives you a good dose of adrenalin too. There are so many indoor ice skating rinks being built here that in every major city of the country, you will have a place where you can try this out.

Taking a Cooking Class

It is the 21st century and both men and women should know how to cook, and what better way to finesse your skill than by taking a class together. Learn to make something difficult or exotic, like bread or baklava, and in your next date night, you can recreate what you learnt in the class in your own kitchen.

Up Your Cocktail Game

If you both have an interest in different kinds of alcohol and spirits then why not learn how to make some signature cocktails together. And, if either or both of you don’t drink alcohol, then make the mocktail version of it. Drinks like Long Island ice tea, Cosmopolitan, Margaritas, and Gin and Tonic are some signature cocktails that you can learn how to make, and from there you can move up the ladder and test out more complicated drinks.

See a Comedy Show

Who doesn’t love a hearty laugh at the end of a long week? Take your partner out for a comedy show, be it of someone who is famous or someone who is new and upcoming, because honestly, you deserve to laugh until your drink comes out of your nose.

Walk on The Beach

The best kind of breeze is the one which comes from the ocean and trust me, there is no better way to end your day than by taking a walk at the beach. Kick off your shoes, hold hands, and just let the cool wet sand caress your feet and take away all your worries. Maybe you can take a few somersaults or do a rolly-polly, or enjoy a hot cup of tea and watch the sun set; the options are innumerable.

Go Out for Breakfast

Dinner dates are good, but what’s better is going out in your jammies, hair in a messy bun, no makeup, and your partner by your side in the same condition, and hit your favourite breakfast joint for a hot cuppa and some waffles or pancakes. You both feel free, as if you don’t need to keep up any appearances and can be honest and bare with one another.

Wander the Bookstore

Whether you both are an avid reader who read everything or someone with a bit more specific choice, wandering through bookstores can be a great date option. Take a page from the movie Eternal Sunshine of the spotless mind where Jim Carey and Kate Winslet continue meeting each other in a bookstore and have conversations through the shelves.

Attend s Sporting Event

There is nothing better than the energy you feel when you go to a sporting event. Be it a game of cricket or football, get an adrenalin boost by attending a game, and it doesn’t matter if you are rooting for different teams; a bit of innocent rivalry can get your blood pumping.

Enjoy an Adventurous Dinner

The great thing about food is that there are so many cuisines and options and varieties to choose from. A date option that works for foodies is trying out food that is a bit out of your comfort zone. Always wanted to try Hungarian food and know about a place that serves it? Then let yourself enjoy a little cultural adventure and learn some things about each other’s willingness to take risks. This is also a chance to order a big spread of different options and try it all out.

Sing Karaoke

It doesn’t matter if you have the voice of an angel or one of a dying walrus, karaoke doesn’t judge. It is a really fun way of spending an evening because maybe at first you’d be conscious about your singing voice, but a few rounds later, you wouldn’t care and would be looking forward to a duet.

Go Camping

Now this last option may need a few days of prior planning and also the right kind of supplies, but going camping for a date would be one of the penultimate ways to connect with each other and also with nature. Make sure you take sufficient mosquito repellent and emergency supplies, but also make sure you take with yourself enthusiasm and the wish to be with your partner.

Written by Girlopedia Staff

Techie by profession blogger by hobby, founder of Girlopedia.

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