10 Things Men Secretly Wish Women Knew About Sex

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It goes without saying that you are probably working wonders in the bedroom, but if you were looking for some ways in which you can spice it up even more then this article is made for you. Here are 10 things that men wish women knew about sex, or in other words, things men wish women were willing to be and do in the bedroom with them.

Be a Little Less Self-Conscious

A lot of women have insecurities about their bodies which ends up making them self conscious when they are having sex. They want to enjoy it, but there is this nagging thought that goes on in the back of their minds telling them that their stretch marks and the size of their thighs make them ugly. Well, first of all, that is not true and secondly men don’t really care. What is going on in their minds is “OMG a naked lady”. So, relax and enjoy the ride and don’t be so self conscious because that will make it harder for you to orgasm.

Take Charge

A girl on top kind of situation is always sexier because men like the idea of having a partner who can take charge. If you have ever wondered what attracts men towards dominatrix, well in simple terms this is it. Whether you are the one to initiate the sex or not, make sure that while you are doing it, you take charge; pull his hair, bite his lip, be the one on top.

Try Out Role Play

The way Ross has a sex fantasy where he wanted Rachel to dress up as Princess Lea from Star Wars, well that is pretty much what role play is all about. You basically think up a scene from a book, movie, or television show where a particular scene has led to sex and then you end up playing it out exactly. You can also think up your own characters and scenes to make it personalised for your needs. Playing out role play before sex is just a form of foreplay, which in a way makes both of you get into the mood of things and enjoy sex a whole lot more.

Be Vocal

Tell him if you dislike something that he is doing or if you are really into it. That way he will know what to do and what to avoid and it will also ensure that you both get an orgasm and neither is kept unsatisfied.  

Kiss His Neck

This may not apply to those who are really ticklish, but men in general like it when you kiss their necks. It is tantalising, and in that moment when your lips are touching his neck, everything stops and the only thing going through their body and mind is raw desire.

Be Open About Your Sexual Desires

Sex is not about just one person getting what they like and the other having to do things that way. It is something for both of you to enjoy, and therefore, if you have any sexual desires of your own then tell your partner about it. If you like using kinky toys, or BDSM tools, or you like him to pull your hair and talk dirty to you while you are having sex. Whatever it is, be vocal about it so that you both can enjoy the act.

Don’t Make Him Feel Like He Has to Beg

Some women feel the need to constantly play hard to get, which to be honest gets a bit annoying after a while. If having sex with your man is something that you normally do, then it doesn’t have to be an everyday thing where he has to beg you constantly to have sex with him. Take the first step and make your move. Do not just sit back and think that just because you are a woman you can’t be the first one to make the move or you can’t be the one who feels like she wants to have sex.

Sometimes Even He Is Not in The Mood

Following on the point above, sometimes even men aren’t in the mood to have sex. Everyone has something or the other going on in their lives which can make them anxious, tensed, or just plain old tired. So, don’t take it as a bad sign if your man doesn’t want to have sex with you sometimes or if he tells you that he is not in the mood. There is nothing to overanalyse about this situation, it is just the male equivalent of a female not being in the mood to have sex.

Even He Likes to Cuddle Afterwards

The romance and cuddles are not something that only women like. The feeling of being loved and needed is something everyone craves for, so don’t just assume that just because he is a male, he doesn’t like to cuddle and talk to you afterwards. Now of course even under this, there are going to be some men who wouldn’t like to cuddle, but they are just a small fraction.

You Don’t Have to Be Naked to Turn Him On

You don’t have to be butt naked in order to turn him on. Even the sight of your bare shoulders or a sliver of your waist when your shirt rises over is enough to turn him on. You need to understand that sex has come a long way from the way it is shown in biblical paintings. So even if you are fully clothed, if your man desires you, you don’t have to be naked to take things further.

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